Shure pg42 XLR Large Diaphragm Recording Microphone

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Shure PG42-LC Side-Address Cardioid Condenser Vocal Microphone

PG42 with Shock Mount

Side-address microphone for lead vocal recording applications.


The PG42 large diaphragm side-address condenser microphone features a precisely tailored response to bring out the warmth and clarity of lead vocal and solo instrument tracks that are the focus of your recording mix. The extremely low noise floor makes it ideal for any application, including choral ensembles or ambient audio. The PG42 includes a Shock Mount and Carrying Case.

It's All About the Performance

For over 80 years, Shure Microphones have delivered the unmatched sound quality and durability that have made them essential for stage performance and studio recording around the world. Tailored for performers of every level, Shure offers a complete family of wired microphones to meet any audio need. PG Microphones are the pro-quality, versatile introduction to Shure engineering excellence , featuring cardioid polar patterns that reduce background noise and feedback. With a lineup that includes XLR and USB side-address condenser models, PG microphones are built to withstand the demands of everyday use, while delivering pro-caliber sound that’s ideal for rehearsal, performance and recording.

Pad Switch

The pad switch helps prevent distortion from extremely loud sources, such as when close-miking horns or drums.

Low Frequency Rolloff

The low frequency rolloff may be used for voice or medium- to high-range instruments. It reduces floor rumble and low-frequency room noise from heating and air conditioning systems. Also used to compensate for proximity effect or to reduce low frequencies that make an instrument sound dull or muddy.

Proximity Effect

Unidirectional microphones such as the PG42 progressively boost bass frequencies by 6 to 10 dB below 100 Hz when the microphone is at a distance of about 6 mm (1/4 in. ) from the sound source. This phenomenon, known as proximity effect, can be used to create a warmer, more powerful sound.

  • Large diaphragm capsule provides wider dynamic range for clear highs and strong lows
  • Voice-tailored frequency response specifically engineered to reproduce the subtle nuances lead vocal performances
  • High-pass filter for additional control of unwanted low-end signal
  • -15dB switchable attenuator for additional SPL versatility
  • Shock mount included for additional set-up stability
  • Carrying case included for additional protection during storage or transport